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Backup your running databases and servers to the cloud with amazenet. You can ensure data protection of your entire servers with reduced costs and increased scalability.
Disk wear out is inevitable and a common problem we face in everyday life. Creating an image of your hard disk is the best way to protect all your system data from any disk failure or accidental deletion of critical system files or software corruption.

Restoring data from a drive or system image is less time consuming as you do not need to install the operating system separately then restore the backed up data, to get your system up and running. As disk cloning duplicates your entire hard drive, you can restore your system to its initial state in much less time.
you can backup a system with hard disk or an entire drive, with the content exactly as it is on the original storage device, including both data and structure information. The image file can be backed up to the cloud or locally on any external hard drive.